SaluberMD is a Digital Medical Concierge services organization dedicated to transforming the delivery of medical services and products to improve health outcomes worldwide.

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Salubermd connects the dots to make healthcare easier

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Health Care App

Convenient, time saving and affordable access to a board certified Physician is just a click away with SaluberMD.

In real time, our physicians will discuss, examine, listen to, consult, treat or diagnose your health issues.

Personal Medical Record

SaluberMD is connected to an Electronic Personal Medical Record available in 20 languages.

Patients can play an active role in their health with their own personal medical record storing important medical data including history, current conditions, medication, and allergy information.

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Smart Wearables

Finally a device providing real time medically relevant health data in addition to wellness benefits.

Our smart devices can help to reduce medical costs/claims by monitoring patient conditions and early detection.




During your Saluber MD consultation, your doctor will provide an accurate diagnosis and make recommendations for care and treatment. 


If your doctor determines that your illness will require medication your Saluber MD doctor will provide you with a prescription, you can also request that your doctor sends your prescription directly to your nearest pharmacy. With Saluber MD, you can also contact a doctor in regards to refills. 


Need a referral to a local specialist? Skip the doctor's office and get your referral at your convenience.