Health Systems and Clinics

More convenient, affordable quality care for patients, more revenue and growth for providers

Position your organization at the forefront of virtual healthcare

With turnkey technology, SaluberMD makes it easy for healthcare systems, hospitals and clinics to deliver healthcare in a digital-first world.

Deliver whole-journey virtual healthcare with scalable efficiency with a single integrated platform. Intuitive and easy-to-adopt for patients and practitioners, SaluberMD seamlessly connects with your existing workflows.

Acclaimed as the “best end-to-end telemedicine platform”

Ernst & Young

Trusted by providers of all sizes

Healthcare Systems & Hospitals

City, regional and rural health systems and hospitals.

Group Practices

Multi-location, multi-specialty group practices.

Individual Practices

Single-location, primary and specialty care providers.

Streamline how you do healthcare

SaluberMD connects every touchpoint of remote healthcare from first consult to chronic care in one place.
It’s cutting-edge technology that frees up resources, simplifies patient management and eases practitioner workloads. And with secure digital personal medical records, follow-up care has never been so efficient.

The technology you need for virtual healthcare at scale

Reach more patients with the intuitive SaluberMD web and mobile platform. Monitor treatment plans with smart devices. And call on AI-powered biodata to make more informed healthcare decisions.
It’s the type of great end-to-end technology that great virtual care depends on. Enterprise-ready and built to scale, whether you have 1000 or 10,000 patients.

Provide relationship-driven remote healthcare

When healthcare happens remotely, it takes a different approach to do it effectively.
As a SaluberMD partner, we’ll personally train and provide on-going support for your physicians using our proprietary Screen Side Manner. That way, your team will always deliver exceptional healthcare that feels like it’s right there.

SaluberMD will elevate the way you do healthcare

Reach More Patients

Remove geographical boundaries to expand your patient base and deliver exceptional health outcomes.

Grow Revenues & Reduce Costs

Care for more patients, optimize your scheduling and offer more remote services to grow your bottom line.

Recruit & Retain Physicians

Recruit the best doctors by giving them a modern virtual care system that simplifies what it takes to deliver great healthcare.

Improve Care & Reduce Readmissions

Deliver better first-touchpoint health outcomes and limit readmissions with remote diagnosis, patient monitoring and follow up care.

Improve Patient Engagement & Retention

Convenient, on-call healthcare naturally fosters happier, more engaged and loyal relationships with patients.

Simplify Administration

Manage the whole healthcare journey from booking to billing in one place with simplified patient admin, in-system follow-ups, instant payments, and more.

The only truly integrated virtual healthcare platform

SaluberMD is an all-in-one platform for relationship-based healthcare that delivers exceptional outcomes.

Remote Video Consults

Deliver in-person quality care to your clients to their smart device or computer from anywhere.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Achieve better, lasting health outcomes via remote case management, active monitoring and follow up care.

Remote Advanced Diagnostics

Make your diagnostic process more advanced and effective with remote, data-driven diagnostics.


Instantly make prescriptions online that are then sent directly to your patient’s pharmacy of choice

Smart Devices

Diagnose remotely, enhance follow-up care and manage chronic disease with the smart devices, real-time biodata and advanced AI.

When the pandemic started, I don’t know what we would have done without SaluberMD.”
Manager of Medical Training Platforms for West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

Backed by industry-exceeding compliance

Give patients access to their doctor, not any doctor

Great healthcare is built on great relationships. SaluberMD enables patients to see their doctor – not the first doctor willing to take a call.

Whether doctors are employed full time or contracted, SaluberMD lets your doctors better manage their patients and the healthcare results they get. It also makes it easy to segment between standard and urgent care patients to prioritize healthcare service.

Ready to deliver better healthcare outcomes to more people?