Frequently Asked Questions

We are a digital healthcare management solution designed to revolutionize doctor-patient relationships by creating 24/7/365 access to licensed healthcare professionals. Our goal is to provide reliable, affordable and global access to healthcare within 15 minutes or less.

The set time for an urgent care visit begins with the 15-minute time limit, but a provider can extend the visit an extra 10 minutes if necessary. Most visits (videocall with the patient) typically last somewhere between 7 and 10 minutes.   

You’ll just need one of the following:

A computer with an internal or external camera. You can use a wide range of web browsers such as Chrome, Explorer or Firefox.

An smart phone with the camera enabled and our provider app downloaded. We recommend using a stand for your phone or iPad during visits to keep the camera stable.

Many aspects of the in-person physical exam can also be done remotely. You will be able to visually assess the patient, and can accurately gauge general distress, skin tone, clarity of thought and speech, respiratory rate, work of breathing, gait, etc. You can also have the patient assist in the physical exam with medical devices that integrate with the SaluberMD app or by following your instructions to palpate areas of tenderness, assess ROM, assist in moving the camera to visualize areas such as the oropharynx, and assist in abdominal self-exams. In conjunction with a thorough history, many providers feel that the information they can obtain from a video visit is sufficient for accurate diagnosis of many conditions.

Patients access our physicians directly through SaluberMD or receive benefits by an employer that is contracted with SaluberMD. All billing and payment from patients are dealt with administratively and are not the responsibility of the provider.   

Patients come in through our SaluberMD patient platform seeking care. On the app, they can browse services by specialty.

You can take an appointment from any private location. Keep in mind that you cannot take an appointment with anyone else in the room with you. To ensure patient privacy, we recommend taking appointments from your home or office with the door closed.


Patients will be able to focus on you better if the environment behind you is a light solid color, clean, simple, and not distracting. A light blue backdrop is preferable for the optimal video experience. Position yourself in front of a blank wall instead of a wall full of bookshelves.

All providers have access to video-based training as well as 1:1 training sessions with a member of our team. Training includes an overview of the SaluberMD platform and telehealth best practices. SaluberMD providers must complete training and pass a final assessment to see patients.

SaluberMD’s Clinical Quality Assurance team works with our providers to develop policies, guidelines, and protocols. In addition, QA reviews visits and associated documentation, and provides supplemental training and feedback. 

The support team and medical leadership are available to assist at any time of day. Physicians will also be trained on procedures to connect a patient with emergency care in their area.   

When providers are on the system, they’ll have access to our training and support helpline, a 24/7 support team for any physician on the system. The team has been trained to assist with anything from technology issues to scheduling. 

To be successful in telehealth, there is a certain level of technological skills that each provider should possess:   

  • High comfort level navigating new software and different web browsers  
  • An ability to maneuver an iPad or iPhone including app installation and utilization

How much will I get paid?

Providers are paid per patient depending on the time of day and day of the week that the visit takes place. For more details on this schedule a time to speak with a member of our onboarding team

You will be able to e-prescribe and manage medications with our partner application DoseSpot, up-to-date prescriptions and geolocation pharmacy selection. There must be a video consult to prescribe; physicians cannot prescribe based on a phone or chat encounter.

Providers document on our proprietary EMR directly on the SaluberMD platform. The platform also allows for chat with the patient, dissemination of patient education materials, e-prescribing and sick slip generation.

To join our network, physicians must have all of the following:   

  • Minimum 1 active state license
  • Current board certification  
  • Minimum 1-year post-residency experience  
  • An active, unrestricted DEA license  

SaluberMD provides malpractice insurance for providers who join the group. More details will be provided during the onboarding process. 

You will be able to see patients located in the state(s) where you have active, unrestricted licensure.

It is very flexible. You’ll practice on-demand or open up appointments depending on how you choose to practice.

Our application process is simple! Providers will visit where they can complete and submit a credentialing application. If the provider’s credentials meet our criteria and the provider’s attributes match our current needs, we will put your application in process right away. If applicants are unsure about moving forward, they will have the opportunity to speak with a member of the Onboarding team for more information.