Make complete virtual healthcare your competitive advantage

End-to-end virtual healthcare for more cost-effective coverage

SaluberMD combines fully integrated virtual healthcare with the latest smart technology to provide holistic care that’s so much more than just video consults.

The result is reduced claims and costs for insurers – and better health outcomes for members. Better yet, with turnkey technology, it’s incredibly easy to make SaluberMD part of your coverage.

Reduce claims with prevention-focused virtual care

When the focus is on prevention and early treatment, claims can be kept in check.

Minimize claims with digital concierge medicine. On-demand access to doctors combined with tailored health and nutrition plans support faster diagnosis and better preventative care.

It’s a personalized platform that increases health compliance and helps achieve health milestones to minimize claims.

Achieve better health outcomes for your members

Give your members access to the quality healthcare that leads to better health.

With SaluberMD, your members can call on a global network of physicians from their smart device on demand. Plus, smart technology, remote monitoring and wellness programs, maintain all-round wellbeing.

Healthier members lead to happier, more loyal members.

Offer an innovative product to your customers

SaluberMD is innovative healthcare for our digital-first world.

From medical consultations, to second opinions, medication reminders and scheduled visits, the whole healthcare journey happens on SaluberMD.

Give your customers value-add access to a fully integrated virtual healthcare. Available as a native, white-labelled part of your coverage.

Holistic services for a healthier workforce

Health & Therapeutics

Remote medical consultations, access to specialists, electronic medical records, e-prescriptions, and more.

Wellness & Prevention

Nutrition advice and coaching, wellness plans, Apple Health Integration, and more.

Disease Management & Rehabilitation

Specialist second opinions, integrated devices, active monitoring, and more.

Medical Corner

Remote diagnostics, viral infection detection, COVID-19 support, and more.

Insure in a way that more modern customers want

360-degree care

Give your members access to the most complete virtual care, including preventive care, continuous care chronic disease, and wellness programs.

Streamlined claims management

Seamlessly connects with your existing systems to simplify claims management and processing, including on-platform payments.

Simple member access & support

Purpose built to easily integrate with your member coverage via smart devices, turnkey technology and 24/7 in-house support.

All-in-one integrated platform

Remote consults, monitoring, diagnostics, prescriptions and more, all in one single integrated AI-powered platform that connects the whole healthcare journey.

Access the latest technology

The latest smart devices and wearables deliver deeper healthcare insights and real-time biodata that helps provide an elevated level of care to your members.

A truly global provider

A global network of 600+ accredited physicians gives your worldwide network of members on-demand access to expert medical care wherever they are located.

Find new revenues with new or extended coverage

SaluberMD adds new value, efficiency and revenue potential across insurance products.

Backed by industry-exceeding compliance

Expand your coverage and customer base with SaluberMD