Build a happier, healthier workforce and better manage healthcare costs

Gain true control of how your company does healthcare

SaluberMD helps unburden the cost of healthcare for your company. Better manage healthcare costs and improve health outcomes for employees with convenient access to whole-journey virtual healthcare.

The big picture is clear. When employees are healthier and healthcare costs are in check, your company can become more productive, efficient and profitable.

Always available access to your virtual PPO

When healthcare is virtual, it can always be in-network.

SaluberMD makes it easy for you to offer your employees complete, convenient care from a provider they know and trust. This means healthcare happens on your company’s terms, not your provider’s. And with speed of access to care, comes less company time and resources lost.

Whole-journey virtual healthcare for healthier employees

Today’s employees want telehealth, SaluberMD makes it simple to provide it.

Look after your team’s primary care, chronic and complex health needs with on-demand access to virtual point of care, remote monitoring and diagnostics, online prescriptions and more. It’s innovative, modern healthcare that keeps employees at their best and on the job.

Save costs by focusing on wellness and prevention

Make the shift from costly “sickcare” to wellness, prevention and true healthcare.

SaluberMD enables faster diagnosis and treatment with more convenient access to physicians, more data and remote patient management. When the focus is on prevention and wellness, it means treatment happens early and minimizes deductibles. 

Holistic services for a healthier workforce

Health & Therapeutics

Remote medical consultations, access to specialists, electronic medical records, e-prescriptions, and more.

Wellness & Prevention

Nutrition advice and coaching, wellness plans, Apple Health Integration, and more.

Disease Management & Rehabilitation

Specialist second opinions, integrated devices, active monitoring, and more.

Medical Corner

Remote diagnostics, viral infection detection, COVID-19 support, and more.

Transforming the way companies do healthcare

Control healthcare costs

Provide cost-effective remote access to quality healthcare and minimize deductibles by addressing conditions when they are low-cost and easily treatable.

Simplify access to healthcare

Make it easy for employees to access the care they need and keep them doing their best work with on-demand healthcare via their smart devices.

A workforce built on wellness

A data-driven approach to wellness, fitness and nutrition helps keep your workforce in better, all-round health.

Global network of specialists

Get your employees the care they need via on-demand access to world-class specialists from a global network of doctors.

All-in-one integrated platform

Give your employees whole-journey healthcare in one place. Remote consults, monitoring, diagnostics, prescriptions and more.

Tech-Enabled Healthcare

The latest healthcare smart devices connect with your employees' connected lives to deliver real-time biodata for an elevated level of care.

Backed by industry-exceeding compliance

Better manage your company’s healthcare today