Telecom Services

Expand your reach with
on-network virtual healthcare

Make better access to healthcare part of your service

As a telco, you couldn’t be better placed to add virtual healthcare to your services. You have the existing customer base and digital infrastructure – and there’s no better time than now.

Move beyond just connectivity with digital concierge medicine. Provide personal, on-network access to doctors, tailored health, nutrition plans, and more.

It’s your opportunity to become a player in the fast-growing virtual healthcare industry – not simply an intermediary.

Create new revenue via more convenient healthcare

Competitive advantages can be hard to come by. But SaluberMD can be yours.

SaluberMD lets you tap into the multi trillion-dollar healthcare market by giving your customers unmatched access to virtual healthcare on your network. It’s an in-demand, value-add service that naturally helps you increase ARPU.

Deliver more value to your customers and drive retention

When healthcare is more affordable and accessible on your network, it gives customers every reason to stay.

Provide your customers with access to exceptional all-in-one healthcare. Remote consults, monitoring, diagnostics, prescriptions and more – without ever leaving your network.

A turnkey way to extend your portfolio & partnerships

With your existing network infrastructure, the path to capitalizing on the virtual healthcare boom is clear.

SaluberMD lets you easily and efficiently extend your portfolio by bundling personalized health and wellness services as part of your core product.

And with digital health services as part of your DNA, new revenue-driving partnerships await with hospitals, insurers, clinics and more.

Holistic services for a healthier workforce

Health & Therapeutics

Remote medical consultations, access to specialists, electronic medical records, e-prescriptions, and more.

Wellness & Prevention

Nutrition advice and coaching, wellness plans, Apple Health Integration, and more.

Disease Management & Rehabilitation

Specialist second opinions, integrated devices, active monitoring, and more.

Medical Corner

Remote diagnostics, viral infection detection, COVID-19 support, and more.

Unlock new possibilities with healthcare on your network

Increase ARPU

Offer virtual healthcare as an upsell or bonus to increase average customer revenue and support long-term retention.

Convenient on-network healthcare

Give your customers push-button access to healthcare on your network via smart devices, turnkey technology and 24/7 in-house support.

Privacy-first technology

Simplify healthcare delivery and protect customer data with secure, multi-certificate data security, including secure digital medical records.

A truly global provider

A global network of 600+ accredited physicians gives your worldwide network of members on-demand access to expert medical care wherever they are located.

All-in-one integrated platform

Remote consults, monitoring, diagnostics, prescriptions and more, all in one single integrated AI-powered platform that connects the whole healthcare journey.

Access the latest technology

The latest smart devices and wearables deliver deeper healthcare insights and real-time biodata that helps provide an elevated level of care to your customers.

Backed by industry-exceeding compliance

Join the virtual healthcare movement today