Vital Care Kit

Live Life Safely & Uninterrupted

Detect and respond to viral infections and illness to protect yourself and others.

We live in a new reality, now you can be prepared for it

The world today isn’t like the one we knew just a few years ago. The Vital Care Solution helps you be prepared for and navigate our new reality.

Detect, manage and respond to viral infections like COVID-19 faster and more effectively. Experience greater peace of mind at work, school and home – or anywhere else health matters. It’s your frontline defense for better health and safety.

Instantly measure and monitor key health indicators

The Vital Care Solution helps continuously monitor vital signs of health. It’s a convenient, accurate way to diagnose and treat viral infections quickly – and access specialist care when needed.

Remote Consultation

Automatically measure and record body temperature and blood oxygen levels that indicate infections.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Receive real-time alerts when body temperature and blood oxygen levels enter unsafe ranges.

Remote Advanced Diagnostics

Securely store and access your vital data with electronic medical records.

Everything you need

to rapidly detect, manage and respond to viral infections

Infrared Thermometer

to monitor temperature

Bluetooth Finger Oximeter

to monitor blood oxygenation levels

1-year digital platform access

with health and wellness services

Access to a global network of doctors

who can monitor your data in real time

Supported by a global network of 600+ physicians

Behind the Vital Care Solution is a global network of accredited physicians, available on call via the SaluberMD app to provide expert remote care.

Making people safer and healthier in every setting

Designed for use anywhere that protection is needed from viral infections.

Monitor family, employees, visitors and vendors.
Support recovering COVID-19 patients with ongoing assessment.
Create and maintain digital records for employees & company HR.
Support track and trace, where necessary.

Just three steps to better protect your health


Download the SaluberMD app on your smart device.


Connect your pulse oximeter and infrared thermometer and start taking readings.


If you feel unwell or readings are out of set parameters, schedule a remote consultation with one of our 600+ medical specialists via the app.

Ready to make
daily life Safer?